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I - What is Prometheus?

Disclaimer: All the content in this documentation is for informational purposes only. It can in no way be considered as investment advice.
The Prometheus Team will always encourage you to: - Never invest more than you can afford to lose - Do your own research - Spread your risks

What is the Prometheus protocol?

The Prometheus protocol is a DaaS (DeFi as a Service) protocol based on the BNB Chain. The native token of the Prometheus protocol is $PHI. $PHI address: 0x4F7620a4e134B1D3fca3f419663aCf351b225C74 Our goal: democratizing DeFi with a protocol that enables you to earn consistent passive income, regardless of your country of origin, your social background or your skills. In short, with the Prometheus protocol, you can get:

A) Monthly stablecoin dividends (BUSD)

A part of the amount collected by the protocol is used to fuel an investment treasury. This treasury is invested in various high-yield investment products. A portion of the profits from the treasury is then returned monthly to the investors in the form of BUSD dividends.
More info about the BUSD dividends here

B) Daily rewards in native token ($PHI)

A part of the amount collected by the protocol is used to fuel a $PHI reward pool. This reward pool is used to reward the investors with daily rewards in $PHI
More info about the rewards in $PHI here


DAO stands for: decentralized autonomous organization. When a decision commits the investors financially, we give them the right to vote for or against it through the DAO. The more you invest in the protocol, the more your vote weigh.
More info about the DAO here
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