VII. Our Roadmap

Note : This is not a permanent Roadmap. We always listen to the community and if it's necessary, we will make new changes to the roadmap.

Q1 - 2022

  • Creation of a Leaderboard for the Affiliation Tools
The goal behind having a leaderboard for the best affiliates is to create an incentive for the community to speak about Prometheus Protocol and to reward the members of the community who spread the words.
  • DAO Token
Our job at Prometheus Protocol is to find the huge next project so that you don’t have to waste your time DYOR.
At Prometheus we believe in collective intelligence. The more people analyzing an investment opportunity, the better the analysis of the risk / rewards is going to be.
By implementing a DAO decision for any investment that the protocol will make, we think that we will increase the chance of a successful investment.
  • Bonds in BUSD / BNB and other crypto
Sometimes, the protocol will produce more rewards than the investment treasury can produce some ROI. In order to compensate for that delta, we will have to raise more cash to get higher ROI from the investment.
When you buy a node, 15% of the $PHI token used to create the node is swapped in BNB and go to the investment treasury.
With the bond system, 100% of the value in BUSD / BNB (for example) will go towards the investment treasury.
By using bonds, you will be able to get your nodes at a discount price.
  • Automation of the Floating Sell Tax
Right now, the floating sell tax is handled manually by the CTO and the CEO. We are working on a mathematical model in order to give to the smart contract of Prometheus an autonomous decision based on the mathematical model that we designed.
  • Audit by bigger blockchain Security company like Certik
The security of our investors and users is our number one priority. This is why we planned to get audited by bigger blockchain Security company like Certik.

Q2 - 2022

  • NFT Collection
What would be a community without its NFTs ?
NFTs will be a huge part of the future of cryptos and we want to be part of it.
More details to come soon…
  • Node RPC Endpoint
In order to participate on the blockchain network, we wish to be able to offer a Node As A Service to our investor by using the same model as Strong Block.

Q3 - 2022

  • Create our first Validator Node
  • Become cross chain (Avax / FTM)