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VI. The Marketing

1) The affiliate system

As you can see on this page, we have implemented an effective affiliate system.
Thanks to this affiliation system, we will be able to turn any holder into a real ambassador of the Prometheus Protocol.
We want to involve directly the Prometheus community in the project through this financial incentive.

How to share your affiliate link intelligently?

First of all, be careful not to damage the Prometheus Protocol’s reputation by doing toxic, aggressive and spammy shilling.
If you want to shill, use common sense. Post innocent messages that arouse the curiosity of those who will read them.
Example: "Why is everyone talking about PHI token right now? Have you ever heard of it?"
If the shilling is done right, some curious people should contact you via private message to learn more about PHI.
Don't forget to tell them that if they go through your affiliate link, they will get 10% off on their first node.
If you want to share your link with friends and family, be sure to tell them to only invest what they are ready to lose because any investment is risky.

2) The influencers

The marketing team contacts influencers to introduce them to the Prometheus Protocol and encourage them to tell their community about it.
The affiliate system saves marketing budget, as the affiliate link will generate affiliate revenue commensurate with the power of their message.
The marketing budget will only be spent if the affiliate in question prefers a one-time payment.
We target influencers on:
=> Twitter
=> Telegram
=> Youtube
=> Instagram

3) The communication

We are present on :
=> Discord
We have 2 full time professional communicants to manage these communication channels.

4) The listings

We are listed on :
=> CoinGecko