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IV.8 Bonds

Bonds enable you to buy nodes at a discount price using another token different from the native token of the protocol.
With Prometheus, you will be able to use $BUSD, $BNB, and $CAKE for bonding.
Usually, when you buy a node with $PHI, 70% of the purchase goes into the reward pool, 15% goes to the liquidity and only 15% goes to the treasury.
But with bonding, 100% goes to the treasury (for example).
That way, the protocol can raise funds on a larger scale and much faster. This allows us to invest the treasury more massively to get higher returns, increase the buyback treasury and raise the price of $PHI.
More info about why bonds are beneficial to a node protocol by clicking here.
For you, the immediate benefit is that by bonding, you get 10% off the price of your nodes.
Bonding is only available for a selected period of time and in limited quantities.