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IV.1 The 4 different types of nodes

From the cheapest to the most expensive:
The Apollo Node
The Kratos Node
The Ares Node
The Zeus Node
Cost : 1 $PHI
Cost : 25 $PHI
Cost : 50 $PHI
Cost : 100 $PHI
Daily Rewards: 0.01 $PHI
0.25 $PHI
0.50 $PHI
1 $PHI
Daily Decay : 0.65%
Daily Decay : 0.54%
Daily Decay : 0.43%
Daily Decay : 0.33%
Nodes are the feature by which the protocol pays you in native token ($PHI).
Think of nodes as a classic company’s share that pays you in dividends.
Our Multi-Node Protocol allows us to create 4 types of nodes.
Some cost more tokens and pay more.
Some cost less tokens and pay less.
In any case, the daily ROI is 1% of the price of the node. You can claim your 0.33% rewards every 8 hours on the Dapp.
If the price of the token rises too much, we've got it covered:
We'll roll out a second generation of nodes that will balance things out. They will cost half as much (and be half as expensive).