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Meet the team

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) - KYC
CTO (Chief Technical Officer) / Front-end Developer - KYC
COO (Chief Operating Officer) - KYC
Family man. CEO of several companies in the UK, Switzerland, Singapore and formerly Hong Kong. Plays chess 3 hours a day. Twitter : @23XXIII1
A front-end developer in vue.js and node.js who works to facilitate your life. If he stops learning, he dies.
Owns a digital marketing company in Eastern Europe. He is a patient investor but also DeFi degen. Disciple of meditation and Thaï boxing.
Discord: TheSun#2886 Telegram: @oliverPHI
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Copy Chief - KYC
CEO of several companies in Europe and USA. He has been working in finance since the 90s. He has always been on the web, he subscribed to the very first internet provider when available in Europe.
Former fashion stylist reconverted in web and graphic design. He likes to smoke cigars in his jacuzzi.
Runs a copywriting agency in Eastern Europe. Hardcore DeFi believer and degen investor. Biker and Go player.
Back-end developer
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
A solidity developer who lives like a monk. He sleeps on the floor because he thinks that mattresses are for weak people.
He is our Ministry of Information. His job is to observe and analyze everything that happens in the DeFi world.