II.3 $cIFC Token

The $cIFC token is a compensation token for the investors of our previous project that failed (Infinity Cash / $IFC).
Its only goal is to be used as a compensation farming pool for our previous investors.
As a team, we consider that the failure of that project is our fault, and we took the decision to refund our investors.
Unlike many node projects, we are here for the long haul by offering a fair and safe protocol for our investors, and our will to make a compensation demonstrates it.

How does it work?

For every IFC node you had before the failure of the Infinity Cash project, you received 100 $cIFC tokens.
If you didn't have any node, but only $IFC tokens, we airdropped you the same $cIFC amount.
Every day, you will receive some BNB in proportion to the number of $IFCs you have. You can claim them on our Dapp. The amount of BNB you can claim daily depends on the success of the Prometheus project. The higher the price of $PHI token, the higher the number of BNB allocated to the compensation plan.
$cIFC Contract: 0x7DA5609f47e95F5dFeA7C2E0B199170C0c4093B9
If you want to know more about the hack of IFC and see the proofs of by yourself, check this medium article.