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What is the Prometheus Protocol?

Prometheus Protocol is a DAO node protocol fueled by high-yield investments. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain.
We want to democratize DeFi with a Protocol that enables you to earn consistent passive income, regardless of your country of origin, your social background or your skills.
We aim to be the most sustainable, innovative and fair Node Protocol on the BSC.
Prometheus aims to solve DeFi’s main issues:
We give DaaS (DeFi as a Service), so that the new investors are not lost and fall in all the traps of DeFi.
By creating a node with Prometheus, you win time. Because finding good opportunities in the DeFi is a full time job that a lot of people can't afford or are not able to do.
We allow the small wallets to have access to exclusive financial products reserved for the venture capitalists. With the treasury, we gather the funds of the protocol to invest via a DAO in exclusive financial products. So we give access to higher yields than if you were alone. You will profit from the community intelligence of the DAO to make the best profit on the DeFi.
Contrary to a lot of projects out there, we aim to be self-sustainable, so that we don't need new entries to pay for the rewards. For that, we require that the profits of the treasury are higher than the rewards given. To make it achievable, we have created mechanisms to decrease the rewards in order to make the ROI for the treasury achievable. Therefore, you will earn consistent passive income for the coming years.

What makes the Prometheus Protocol unique?

The Prometheus Protocol has several features that, put together, make it unique:
=> 4 types of nodes that make you earn up to 1% ROI per day thanks to a treasury fueled by yield investments
=> A floating sell tax system to encourage the development of a healthy and sustainable growing line
=> A smart rewards decay that favors those who compound their interests, and therefore, the sustainability of the protocol
=> An investment treasury whose profits are used to fund the rewards and to buy back and burn $PHI tokens, which helps to offset the sells and create a floor price
=> Governance DAO that allows EVERY noder to vote and decide for which products the investment funds will be allocated
=> An affiliate system that enables each holder to promote the token while having a financial interest
=> Bonds that make us able to raise funds more massively in order to invest faster the treasury into high yield products. The bonds allow you to buy nodes at a discount with $BNB, $BUSD and $CAKE

What is a node?

Nodes are the feature by which the protocol pays you in native token ($PHI).
Think of nodes as a classic company’s share that pays you in dividends.
The only difference is that when you buy a node, you can't go back. You can't sell your “shares”. You will receive rewards as long as the protocol exists.
The “nodes” you buy at Prometheus Protocol, are not blockchain nodes. We decided to keep the term nodes to not confuse investors in the node/passive income space.

What are the taxes?

There is no buy tax. No claiming tax. Only the floating sell tax.
The current sell tax is always displayed live on the dashboard of the dapp.

How does the floating sell tax work?

The floating sell tax varies between 10% and 50%.
When the price of the $PHI token increases, the tax decreases.
And when the price of the $PHI token decreases, the tax increases.
For now, the sell tax is set up manually by our team. But we aim to automate it.
We will not say exactly how it is calculated publicly to avoid market manipulation.

What is the reward decay and how does it work?

To favor the suitability of the protocol, we have chosen to put a reward decay system on every node for 1 year.
This simply means that your rewards will decrease every 8 hours by a certain % on 365 days. After this period, the rewards distributed by the nodes remain stable.
You can check the docs by clicking here to see the decay on each node and have more information.

What are the bonds?

A bond enables you to buy one or several nodes at a discount price using another token different from the native token of the protocol. With Prometheus, you will be able to use $BUSD, $BNB, and $CAKE for bonding.

What is a DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government, in other words they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership.
A DAO's financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.

How to participate in the DAO of Prometheus?

Each node purchase allows you to receive Prometheus governance tokens $gPHI.
Appolo => 0.04 $gPHI
Kratos => 1 $gPHI
Ares => 2 $gPHI
Zeus => 4 $gPHI
You can claim your governance tokens here on the dapp.
The governance tokens are not transferable.
These tokens allow you to vote in the DAO via snapshot.
If you have governance tokens, please connect your wallet to the DAO of Prometheus on snapshot here.
The more nodes you have, the more governance tokens you will own, and therefore the more influence you will have in the voting power

Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, we have.
You can check the details of the roadmap by clicking here.

How much can I earn with the affiliate system?

By simply connecting your wallet to our Dapp on the affiliate section, you can create your referral link for free and share the protocol to anyone.
You get 7.5% in $PHI on ALL their node purchases. People you invite get a 10% discount on their FIRST node purchase thanks to you.
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