Technical questions

Where can I buy $PHI tokens?

You can easily buy $PHI on Poocoin or PancakeSwap through the BNB chain by clicking on these links:
Beware of scams, the only contract address of $PHI is: 0x4F7620a4e134B1D3fca3f419663aCf351b225C74

How to create a node?

  1. 1.
    Make sure you have the necessary number of tokens to create the desired node
  2. 2.
    Go to the Prometheus Dapp
  3. 3.
    Click on the "My nodes" tab
  4. 4.
    Select the type of node, the number of nodes
  5. 5.
    Click on the orange button indicating for example: "Create 1 Zeus node".
  6. 6.
    Pay the necessary fees in $BNB

I don't have a lot of money, can I still create a node?

Yes, you can buy 1 Apollo node for only 1 token! Our goal is to democratize DeFi for everyone.
That’s why we decided to create 4 types of nodes.
Some cost more tokens and pay more. Some cost less tokens and pay less.
But they all pay 1% of ROI (excluding decay and sell tax).
And if the price of the token rises too much, we've got it covered:
We'll roll out a second generation of nodes that will balance things out. They will cost half as much (and reward by half also).
You can create your node on our Dapp by clicking here.

How do I claim my unclaimed rewards?

Claiming is the process of moving your unclaimed $PHI rewards into your wallet. Rewards are earned every 8 hours and can be claimed at any time.
You can claim all rewards at once or claim individual rewards on a node.
To do so, go to the Prometheus Dapp and click on the “My nodes” tab.
If you want to claim all rewards at once, click on the “CLAIM ALL” button displayed at the top of the screen.
If you want to claim all rewards for a single node, on the “My Nodes” tab, click on the “CLAIM” button displayed on the right of the concerned node.
Once you claim, the rewards of the concerned node(s) are reset to 0 (zero).
There is no claim tax! So you can coumound without paying any taxes.

If I claim my rewards, will I lose any of the current nodes I have?

No, you will not. Once you claim, the rewards of the concerned node(s) are reset to 0 (zero). But you don’t lose your nodes.

Is there a maximum number of nodes that I can have?

No, there is not.

Can I use unclaimed rewards to create a node?

No, you need to claim the rewards to your wallet in order to create a new node.

Can I sell or cancel a Node?

No, it is not possible. Once a node is created, there is no way back.

Can I transfer my node to another wallet?

No, it is not possible.

I received less BNB than expected when I sold my $PHI tokens, what happened?

When you sell $PHI, you pay a floating sell tax (from 10% to 50%).
Before selling, you can check the current sell tax on the dashboard of the Dapp here.

Why do I get "slippage too low" when I want to sell?

Pancake swap doesn't allow more than 49% slippage. If the sell tax is over 30%, you need to use PooCoin in order to sell. You can use automatic slippage. If automatic slippage doesn't work, increase the slippage until it works.
Example: for a 35% sell tax, put 54% slippage. For a 50% sell tax, put 110% slippage. These are EXAMPLES, the slippage may change because of the variation in the liquidity.
Important: slippage is not a tax and increasing it will normally NOT cost you more!
Note: the higher the sell tax is, the higher the slippage needs to be on the sell order.

How can I calculate how much reward I will receive?

We have integrated a calculator on the Dapp. You can check it here.
The calculator includes the decay but exclude the sell tax as it is floating.

How to participate in the weekly airdrop?

Every Thursday, we will airdrop $100 to 5 persons. We will choose regarding their likes, RT, comments and tweet about @Prometheus_DEFI
This giveaway is based on merit, not on luck, so everyone can win.

Why is the market cap so high?

Market Cap = Price of the token x Supply in circulation (= not burned)
The market cap displayed on Poocoin takes into account all tokens in supply. All the supply in our reward contracts is accounted for. So the majority of the supply dedicated to noders rewards is also counted in the market cap, and inflates it.
You can view the liquidity pool of the project on PooCoin or DEXScreener that better represents the capitalization of the project, and see if you are "early" or not.
And if we want to keep so many tokens in the supply, it’s to be able to make our daily rewards distribution in the future, even if we become as successful as StrongBlock.

When does the sell tax change?

Prometheus implements an innovative “floating sell tax” system.
In a nutshell: the sell tax changes depending on the price of the $PHI. If the price goes up, the tax goes down. If the price goes down, the tax goes up.
This protects all our holders' investments from market volatility. And helps grow the price over the long term!
Example: The token is worth 30 dollars with a sell tax of 30%. After a pump, we reach 50 dollars and set the tax to 10%. Then a selling pressure brings the token back to 35 dollars, we will then put the sell tax at 40%. In this way, little by little, the price of the token can only go up until it reaches a satisfying price at which we will stabilize.
We will not give more information to avoid market manipulation.
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