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Is the team KYC’d?

In order to make the future investors of Prometheus feel comfortable, we decided to get the members of the Prometheus core team KYC’d/Doxxed by “Assure DeFi”. For a total of 5 persons. The CEO, the CTO, the CMO, the Co-founder and the CIO.
Assure is a platform focused on bringing a suite of unbiased informational resources to DeFi start-ups.
Their offerings include compliant KYC services, Optix Audits & Due Diligence Reports, all designed to help prepare projects for success and to help build investor confidence and relations.
Here are the links that show that we are KYC’d

Is the team publicly doxxed?

No, the team is not doxxed publicly for 2 reasons:
First of all, it is important to know that while the world of DeFi is home to many brilliant minds, it is also home to many malicious individuals who can be very dangerous (both virtually and physically). And we don't want to put our families or friends at risk.
Secondly, some team members have businesses, coworkers, partners, employees, clients, and careers. Being doxxed is not an individual decision for them because it also could have an impact on their relatives. Team presentation coming soon...

Has the contract been audited?

For now, we have audited twice the contract.
You can check the reports on our GitHub:
We plan to be audited by companies like Certik during the Q2 or Q3 of 2022.
If you want to be sure that you are really on our official website or official social media accounts, you can check all our links here:
Security reminder: The security of our investors is one of our priorities. Remember that the team members will NEVER DM you first. If you have a doubt about the authenticity of a team meber talking to you, contact us on Discord or on our Twitter.

Where can I report a vulnerability of the protocol?

If you detected a vulnerability, please fill this form:
We reward helpful vulnerability reports in $PHI, Nodes or $BNB, up to $25k equivalent.