I. Introduction to the project

IMPORTANT: the V2 of Prometheus is coming soon, some information on this doc is outdated. Please read this medium article about the V2 to know more:

Prometheus V2.
Disclaimer: All the content in this documentation is for informational purposes only. This cannot be considered in any way a financial advice.
The Prometheus Team will always encourage you to:
-> Never invest more than you can lose;
-> Do your own research and build your own opinion;
-> Spread your risks;

What is the Prometheus Protocol?

Prometheus is a sustainable DAO Protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a DaaS (DeFi as a Service) Protocol.
The goal: β€œDemocratize DeFi and allow anyone to earn consistent passive income”.
With the income of the protocol, a treasury is created. That treasury is invested in various investment products through a vote of the DAO.
The return of these investments are used to buyback and burn the native token on the open market in order to maintain a floor price.
The $PHI Token is the native token of Prometheus. It is used by the holders to buy nodes and for the rewards distribution from nodes.
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